We offer prequalification and advice for a successful homeloan approval for your new home.  We assist you to get your home loan approved at the best possible interest rate. Our service is 100% free of charge.  We handle the home loan application process for you and negotiate with the banks to get you the best available deal on your home loan. Supply only one set of supporting documentation, we do the rest.  As we now approach an extremely competitive market, it is helpful to have at minimum, a prequalification certifcate in place.  Submitting an offer with a prequalification certificate shows the seller that you have started the home loan process and are more likely to be approved for a home loan compared to a prospective buyer that has not been prequalified, potentially increasing the chances your offer is preferred and accepted.


Our services include:

  • High approval rates
  • We submit to all major banks
  • We get you the best interest rate
  • We guarantee total confidentiality
  • We also provide free expert advice
  • All paperwork submitted electronically
  • We will acquire the best home loan for you
  • Utilising e-signing for your convenience and speedy process.