Applicable from 1 July 2021!
How POPIA requires consent to be handled from 1 July 2021

Credit Check

Credit Check Consent form must be completed and signed by client, then returned along with a copy of ID.


Pre-qualification Consent form must be completed and signed by the prospective client wishing to invest in property.

Offer to Purchase

Third parties, such as Real Estate agents etc. will no longer be able to share an OTP with any Mortgage Originator/Bond Originator without the clients consent form being signed and attached to the OTP.  Alternatively, a clause can be provided allowing the Seller and Purchaser respectively, to consent to their personal information being shared with the Mortgage Originator/Bond Originator and be included in the OTP.

Bond Application

A client will be required to either opt in or out upfront, for each product or concept, when they sign the Bond Application Form.  Upfront consent – opt in – from a client is necessary before any sharing of their personal information with any other party.

Call or WhatsApp 082 447 3463 at Select a Bond – Consent forms are available on request or can be downloaded below.