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What others have Experienced with Select A Bond

Professional advice with a personal touch, Martin helped me secure the best deal, even as a private client with my own bank its worth going to market with all the banks to get the best deal possible. Martin facilitated all the banks questions and helped me negotiate a great deal and secure a bond for my property.

Matthew Van As

A huge thanks to Martin for his helpful advice throughout this whole process. It was very confusing and overwhelming and we had a tricky case to begin with however Martin made it seem like an absolute breeze and easily got over any hurdles that came our way. I would recommend him hands down over any of the other companies where you are just a number, he literally takes your situation to heart and does everything he can to get you a bond. We finally have our bond and can thank Martin for that and please accept our apologies for the delay in this review

Sara Crooks

Martin really went over and beyond the call of duty. One can see that he is really passionate about helping people. I can truly recommend him as he keeps on pushing until he gets results, even at his own expense. Once again thank you Martin

Jurgen Human

Martin you truly worked a miracle for us in the shortest possible time.  I am extremely grateful for your hard work, going the extra mile and the excellent terms and conditions that you have obtained for us.  I recommend you to anyone and everyone. 

Patricia Clemo

Once again, many thanks for your professional approach to our bond application – which is a big deal to us – but apparently other bond originators do not seem to treat the matter with the same respect and degree of professionalism you have showed us.  We are very grateful and will recommend you to all and sundry. 

Pat Van Der Westhuizem

Thanks Martin. I cant thank you enough! What you managed to get done in a few weeks has taken me about 2 years without success……..so truly grateful. Will personally recommend you to anybody applying for a bond👍

Marius Van Zyl

Martin is a highly skilled and experienced individual in his industry. Very effective engagement with financial institutions……..needless to say highly recommended.

Rowan Vincent

Very Happy. Dealt with Martin, he was very efficient and helpful. Got an answer within 2 Days.

Grant Gillespie