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What others have Experienced with Select A Bond

I cannot possibly recommend Martin enough! He is phenomenal at what he does and goes FAR above and beyond in every facet of bond origination. We have never had such excellent service in securing a bond with the best possible rate.

Excellent communication, makes you laugh and gets the job done efficiently!

I won’t use anybody else, ever again. Thank you Martin for being top notch!

 Michane Stead

If you require assistance in obtaining a bond, Martin Young is your man.

Trying to get a bond during this Covid Pandemic, being self-employed and having an initial originator mess the 1st process up for me, things were not looking good.  Martin came to my rescue.  What I really love about Martin, he knows what is required, checks and re-checks, submits all your documents and follows up.  He really goes all out for you and provides phenomenal service!  Martin is on the ball, he communicates & guides you through the entire process and does not GIVE UP.  Martin, Thank You for helping me secure my 1st bond.

Chelsea Blair

Hand on heart, I can say that Martin is one of the most effective, efficient, professional, experienced, responsive people I have ever dealt with in any industry. Martin managed to get us an an excellent deal, keeping us in the loop all the times. Nothing but my highest recommendation. Thank you Martin, it was a pleasure dealing with you. 

Hayley Arnesen

Once again, many thanks for your professional approach to our bond application – which is a big deal to us – but apparently other bond originators do not seem to treat the matter with the same respect and degree of professionalism you have showed us.  We are very grateful and will recommend you to all and sundry. 

Pat Van Der Westhuizen

Thanks Martin. I cant thank you enough! What you managed to get done in a few weeks has taken me about 2 years without success……..so truly grateful. Will personally recommend you to anybody applying for a bond👍

Marius Van Zyl

Martin is a highly skilled and experienced individual in his industry. Very effective engagement with financial institutions……..needless to say highly recommended.

Rowan Vincent

Very Happy. Dealt with Martin, he was very efficient and helpful. Got an answer within 2 Days.

Grant Gillespie